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    Advance Us

    Performance and efficiency|Advance Us

    Performance is simply hard work through investments in time. Our customers know this. We know this. Since 1998, renowned car manufacturers in vehicle development rely on the performance and capacity of B&W. In the areas of body surfacing, exteriors and interiors, one can find our signature in many places. From the development of individual modules to entire bodies, our customers work along with us. With profitable results. Time-saving, technological progress and increasing market importance ensure mutual success. Worldwide.

    Started as an engineering office in Oebisfelde, B&W Vehicle Development GmbH is represented by a core team of 280 employees in several locations - working closely with our customers in Germany, we also have an international presence with our subsidiary in Shanghai, B&W Automotive Engineering Shanghai Co. Ltd.

    New construction and new perspectives

    Progress needs space. Therefore, B&W undertook the task of building a new Center of Excellence for Vehicle Development in the summer of 2012. In the industrial area of the city of Wolfburg’s "Heinenkamp," B&W invested a seven-figure Euro amount in a new office complex. This is a clear commitment to the location of Wolfsburg, which also creates space for new jobs. Though this, we’re also opening up a multitude of prospects for the future. The removal in the new B&W building in Heinenkamp was completed in January 2013. Nevertheless, our location in Oebisfelde shall remain the headquarters of our company.

    Big accomplishments in global markets

    We are ready. Therefore we are able. What makes us so confident can be narrowed down to one important factor: mobility in every aspect. For an employee of B&W, this means ongoing training. For our infrastructure, it means continuous development with new opportunities in the fulfillment of customer needs and the expansion of international activities.
    For our customers, this means: progress in detail, success in series.

    "The most important means of transportation is a wise mind. We have 280 of them!"

  • A career
    with B&W

    A career|with B&W

    With more than 280 employees at our plants in Wolfsburg, Oebisfelde and Shanghai, we are an innovative and reliable partner in vehicle development. We provide professional engineering services in the fields of interior, exterior, surfacing, model making, testing, electrical, IT and administration.