• Recognized
    With Stamp and Seal

    Recognized|With Stamp and Seal

    Our performance records

    It is the ongoing success of our customers that drives us every day. For this, we, together with our employees, provide continuous top performance based on our mission statement. Its client-related components of competence, reliability and quality show us the way.

    In order to operate optimally at all times in these advanced fields of requirement, B&W Vehicle Development has installed an integral management system. It provides the management tools for the systematic design of business processes, for continuous development is a must.

    With this corporate focus, B&W was able to achieve certification for ISO 9001. Since then, we have managed to securely preserve this receipt.

    Up-to-date information security

    Also in terms of information security, B&W Vehicle Development meets the highest standards. In 2012, we were able to deliver the relevant proof by passing the VDA Assessment once again successfully. As a consequence, B&W has obtained a release for both confidential and proprietary data and components for 2015.   

    "Trust can be earned. We prove that every day. "

  • A career
    with B&W

    A career|with B&W

    With more than 280 employees at our plants in Wolfsburg, Oebisfelde and Shanghai, we are an innovative and reliable partner in vehicle development. We provide professional engineering services in the fields of interior, exterior, surfacing, model making, testing, electrical, IT and administration.