• Your Ambition Is Desired!

    Your Ambition Is Desired!|Training

    You want to get your training in gear with professional training? Or as part of an internship, students gain valuable knowledge? With B&W car development you'll have the best conditions to start from.
    B&W offers the following occupational training:
        1. Technical / Product Designer - specializing in product design and construction
        2. Technical modeler - specializing in body model construction
        3. Information technology specialist
        4. Information technology officer
        5. Office management assistant

    Professional know-how in a twin pack

    Another training possibility at B&W: the study scheme combined with practical work (dual degree) unites the study of mechanical engineering or automotive engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Ostfalia with operational training. With B&W Vehicle Development, you have the interesting possibility to achieve a "Bachelor of Engineering" in the area of technical product design, specializing in product development and construction.
    With currently 160 employees distributed over three locations in Germany and China, we are a partner in demand in the automotive industry - both nationally and internationally. As a healthy growing company, we place great importance upon the professional training of our future talents.
    Qualified guidance from our colleagues as well as cooperative work throughout all teams, you’ll be quickly propelled into a successful career. An interesting work environment and the newest technical expert knowledge will prepare you for the future.   Would you preferably rather get into development? Into production? Into IT? Or into administration? Your ambition is desired whatever the case may be. Become a part of B&W! Take advantage of the opportunity to apply online. We look forward to welcoming you onto our team!

    "Career Day for Girls and Boys," also at B&W

    In Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, we take part in a nationwide program of action in the annual "Future for Girls and Boys."
    This program takes place simultaneously with the nationwide "Girls day - Boys Day." The goal is to introduce the students to various gender-typical jobs. They receive insights into the working world and learn what various professions encompass. All students are welcome to participate. They are allowed an excuse of absence from school for the exploration of various future careers.

    Student work experience at B&W

    An internship encompasses a limited period of practical work in a company or organization. This involves obtaining insights into corporate structures and improvement of theoretical and practical knowledge.
    Students are able to complete different types of internships at B&W. In Germany, students can usually complete one or more various internships in grades 9 through 11. Student trainees do not qualify as employees in the way that regular staff do, however.
    Through the internship, students will have the chance to get to know business from the inside in order to facilitate the important decision of choosing a career.
    What can you expect from an internship at B&W? An insight into individual professional training, work processes and organizational structure. You can also learn the importance of customer relations in a service company.