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    The intrinsic value of an automobile is not only under the hood; each model presents itself uniquely. An interior space that impresses visually, ergonomically and safety-consciously can be sure to score points with customers. B&W developed interior design concepts that meet the various demands of a wide array of customers in terms of design and functionality, while keeping in line with process-related technical requirements. It is our interdisciplinary know-how and flexibility which comes to the forefront here - because thinking ahead for us is a must.

    Through continuous dialogue between the development and production departments, we design interior components that are perfectly suited to each respective type of car. We dependably get solutions for new features in order just as well as existing carrier components, panels, controls, and acoustic insulation measures.

    Taking into account all technical, safety and design framework conditions as well as any legal requirements, the customer is sure to reach the top results they desire.

    Center console: from the finished injection molding to the laminated housing

    On the one hand, the center console serves as an armrest, on the other hand as a terminal for various controls. Here, modern motorists have access to multimedia and electronic functions. These vary depending on the vehicle type and trim level. This means for B&W that we realize in-demand console systems just-in-sequence. We develop assorted bodies and looks from the finished molded part to the laminated housing - with maximum flexibility, in all desired options.

    Multifunctional door panels

    What really makes a sophisticated door trim is a high stiffness, good crash behavior, electrical / electronic functions and an attractive design with the minimum weight possible for the component. We fulfill these expectations in full with our designs. B&W provides feasibility studies, as well as material and process concepts. We provide design support, Class A surfacing and mass-production realization in a the widest range of vehicles possible.

    Attractively outfitted from roof to carpet

    The individual configuration of interiors is becoming increasingly important. B&W has proven to handle responsibly for interior elements in a variety of configurations. We design instrument panels, armrests, door panels, dashboard control panels and other decorative elements with reverse-injection molding film (also partially) or lamination: These are just a few examples of our widely diverse portfolio.

    In our Green House department, we design innovative roof boxes as well as the ergonomic and safe design of grab handles, sun visors, seat belts and air vents according to material-specific design guidelines and safety-related components such as airbags.

    Damping and flooring show to be key enablers with the best of properties in vehicle quality in all classes. We ensure that optical, thermal, acoustic and safety standards are met. Through this, we take into account special production methods such as PU foams or mould-filling process with various framework conditions just as well as the component requirements for the various production of carpets. The bottom line is that the passenger compartment obtains the best outfitting elements - in large and small ways.

    Upon request, we can also have complete operations for the component release performed externally. An experienced resident engineer will take over the change management pertaining to the component visualization and help with all the steps in the monitoring and evaluation tests necessary.

    Seat design for every need

    Modularly designed seating systems ensure a comfortable entry and optimal loading in any vehicle situation. Matched to the respective vehicle package, we develop highly flexible seating systems in the entire car and van spectrum. Functional comfort in even the tightest of spaces: design-oriented and safe.

    In addition to the seating areas, our range extends from integrated child seats to headrests, armrests all the way to mechanically or electrically adjustable seating and components. In cooperation with proven system suppliers of ours, cowlings, seat cushions and covers parts are developed. Our designers realize setting and operating elements from sketch to mass line production.

    Modern simulation technology, powerful CAD software - including CATIA V5 and other advanced tools for application - are all employed during construction. Furthermore, the prototype has a special place in our development program - for illustrative demonstration on real objects.

    Trunk and Cargo Management

    Sophisticated loading comfort and the positioning of variable loading heights, including minimizing cumbersome loading edges is held in high regard in modern cargo management. B&W is concerned with the continuous development of sophisticated rear space concepts. Through innovative package concepts such as rails and separation units, we provide cargo management depending on the situation and comfort requirements - always keeping the optical and ergonomic challenges of tomorrow in mind.

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    A career|with B&W

    With more than 280 employees at our plants in Wolfsburg, Oebisfelde and Shanghai, we are an innovative and reliable partner in vehicle development. We provide professional engineering services in the fields of interior, exterior, surfacing, model making, testing, electrical, IT and administration.