• Inspection and Testing

    Inspection and Testing|Trials

    The market forces to accelerate the introduction of innovative components and vehicles. Development times must be shortened without sacrificing quality. B&W supports this process with measurement systems and complete test facilities with whose help allows time and cost-intensive testing to be shifted from the road into a reproducible test bed environment.

    Customized test rigs

    Our employees develop and operate test rigs for the entire test spectrum: from the simulation of extreme weather situations in the climate chamber, tensile tests of mounting clips or pack networks to the compressed image of the product life cycle endurance test rigs, B&W fulfills the special requirements of the automotive industry.

    Qualified metrology

    Broad measurement systems designed to tackle even the largest data volumes and ensure storage of measurement results over longer periods characterize the technical equipment at B&W. Thus we can provide accurate and reproducible results for the development, analysis and testing of various modules.

    Within our metrology laboratory, measurements with handheld meters and sophisticated, multi-channel measurements including storage to programmable measuring systems for endurance test rigs are represented.  Because free programming of test sequences,composite or complex motion sequences are able to be fully simulated.

  • A career
    with B&W

    A career|with B&W

    With more than 280 employees at our plants in Wolfsburg, Oebisfelde and Shanghai, we are an innovative and reliable partner in vehicle development. We provide professional engineering services in the fields of interior, exterior, surfacing, model making, testing, electrical, IT and administration.